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£25 reward campaign
How to get £25 bigfoodie reward
Now you are reading this, aren't you a bigfoodie yourself? That's great!
We are the new generation online takeaway ordering platform. We have been looking for the restaurants with best reputation, so why not share your hidden gem from your neighborhood with other foodies.
It is completely free for the restaurant to download the App and be listed on for a free trial.
You will get £25 credit for each restaurant you manage to bring to us. So what are you waiting for?
Sign up to get your Bigfoodie ID number
Your Bigfoodie ID is needed when you refer a restaurant. You can use your existing Bigfoodie ID if you have already signed up with us.
Visit your favorite restaurants/takeaways.
You can refer as many restaurants as you can. You will receive £25 credit for each restaurant as they go live on our website.
Ask managers to download our app "Bigfoodie Partner" and register with us.
It is a free app. Restaurants need to use this app to register with us by simply entering their information.
Make sure they enter your Bigfoodie ID when filling in the information on the APP.
If they don't enter your ID, you won't get the £25 rewards.
Bigfoodie team will finalise the listing.
Our sales team will contact the managers and finalise the listing. In the meantime you can track the progress in your Bigfoodie account.
Receive £25 credit once the restaurant go live.
Bigfoodie will transfer £25 credit to your Bigoodie account for each restaurant goes live.
Why restaurants/takeaways need to join bigfoodie?
6 months free trial:
No commission charge.
No joining fee.
Anytime cancellation during the trial peroid.
Access thousands hungry customers around you.
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Q & A
How long does this campaign last?
The £25 bigfoodie reward campaign is available from 12 October 2015 until further notice on our website..

If I cannot use the whole £25 credit on one order, can I carry the unused amount over to my next order?

Why are bigfoodie’s prices cheaper than other online takeaway ordering services? does not charge your recommended restaurants any commission to be listed on its site, and asks them to offer bigfoodie customers between 10% to 15% discount.

How do I receive the £25 reward for each restaurant I refer that joins
• Register on and get your bigfoodie customer ID number if you haven't registered with us yet.
• Talk to your favourite takeaway/restaurant and ask them to download the Partner App from the Apple App Store or Google Play by searching ‘bigfoodie partner'.
• They must use this app to sign up to list their restaurants/takeaways on AND enter your bigfoodie ID number.
• The team will contact them to finalise the listing and answer any questions.
• You can track the progress through your bigfoodie account.
• Your £25 redit reward will be paid to your bigfoodie credit account as soon as your referred restaurant is listed on

Can I recommend more than one restaurant?

What happens if my recommended restaurant asks me questions I cannot answer?
Once has received your referral, our team will contact the restaurant and answer any further questions.

Does charge its listed restaurants?
No. There is no joining fee and does not charge restaurants to list themselves on its site for this campaign.

Do restaurants that join have to do deliveries?
No. If a restaurant does not do deliveries, it will be listed as a ‘Collection only’ restaurant.

Terms & Conditions
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Our Liability
For anyone who participated in the campaign, we reserve the right to withdraw or amend the credit reward we provide on our site without notice. We will not be liable if for any reason your credit reward is unavailable at any time or for any period only if you strictly abide by the following to conditions: 1. Restaurant owners/managers must use the bigfoodie partner app to sign up to be listed on and enter your bigfoodie ID number when they provide information on our app, otherwise you can’t receive the credit reward. 2. The £25 credit reward will be paid to your bigfoodie credit account as soon as your recommended restaurant is listed on 3. If you refer a restaurant that has been listed on or has been referred by someone else before you do, which will be treated as a 'Duplicated Restauraant', you will not receive a £25 credit in this case. 4. If a restaurant rejects to list it on after you refer them, you will not receive a £25 credit in this case. 5. If a restaurant could not agree with our terms and conditions to list it on in one month after you refer it, you will not received a £25 credit in this case.

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